Veteran ID Cards Available at VA Website

Washington Report

(January 30, 2018) Veterans can once again apply for identification cards through the Department of Veterans Affairs website, which had problems last month due to high volume when the application process began.

The cards are available at is external).

The purpose of the cards is to provide veterans with proof of their military service. They make it easier for veterans to receive discounts at restaurants and retail stores, for example. They are more convenient than carrying around the DD-214 certificates, which contain personal information, according to Stars & Stripes. They do not replace VA medical cards or defense retiree cards, the newspaper reported this week.

The cards were approved by Congress in 2015. When they became available last month, the rush to apply for them crashed the VA’s website and the process was halted. The effort is back up and veterans will be asked to create an online account.

Veterans who have already applied should begin receiving their cards in March. Curt Cashour, a VA spokesman, told the newspaper that the agency was processing 14,609 applications.