Veterans Legal Advocacy


NGAC has been a proud sponsor and supporter of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center since they opened their doors four years ago. The Veterans Legal Advocacy center has helped hundreds of veterans and with your help, can reach thousands more! VLAC offered pro bono services at Golden Gate University School of Law through certified law students under the supervision of director Dan Devoy. 


Veterans Legal Advocacy Center (VLAC) plays a vital role in the Bay Area veterans’ community.  Over the last three years VLAC had contact with over 300 veterans seeking VLAC's services.  In that time, VLAC has represented numerous veterans before the Department of Veterans Affairs and the applicable Discharge Review Boards.  Our program has been very successful in over-turning wrongful discharges and obtaining hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients through service-connected disability compensation.  

At the same time that VLAC provided legal services to the veterans’ community, VLAC also train legal advocates.  VLAC's law students are the heart and soul of VLAC and they have zealously advocated on behalf of our veterans.  

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Dan Devoy is the Director, Veterans' Legal Advocacy Clinic

Daniel Devoy is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Golden Gate University School of Law, and the Director of the Veterans' Legal Advocacy Center.  He teaches the Veterans' Benefits Seminar Course and oversees the Veterans' Legal Advocacy Center.  Professor Devoy is well versed in veterans' be

nefits law, and prior to joining GGU, Professor Devoy performed pro bono work, advocating on behalf of military veterans. 

Professor Devoy obtained his J.D. from Golden Gate University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, San Diego.  Prior to attending law school, Professor Devoy served two enlistments in the United States Army.


Dan Devoy talks about why the work matters

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to approximately 30,000 military veterans.  Many of these veterans are in need of legal services and cannot find affordable legal representation.  VLAC helps to fill this gap in access to justice by providing qualified law students and supervising attorneys to assist veterans with their veteran specific legal issues at no cost.

Without VLAC, many veterans would be left out in the dark and would not have access to benefits they have rightly earned through their military service.  They need is great and the clients are deserving.  

Dan Devoy talks about the work done in the last 6 months

In the last six months VLAC has enjoyed great success.  Due to the fact that many cases take months to develop and submit and then can take over a year to be adjudicated, VLAC is now starting to see the results of the first two years of it's operation.  VLAC has had overwhelming success and positive feedback from the community.

Dan Devoy talks about how to continue and grow the program

Funds can be used to continue the program, grow the program, and increase Grad Fellowships to help take on more cases.