TRICARE Enrollment System Restored

Washington Report

(December 28, 2017) TRICARE beneficiaries can once again enroll or change their enrollment now that a planned month-long system maintenance is complete.

Beneficiaries may enroll or change their enrollment by mail or phone this week. Enrollment via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website will be back online in the first week of January, TRICARE officials said.

Regional contractors are now processing enrollment applications or primary-care manager (PCM) changes filed by mail or phone during the freeze.

TRICARE had delayed, or “frozen,” enrollment this month while transferring data to the new stateside regional contractors. That data transfer is complete.

The assignment of new or updated PCM will take some time, officials said. If you have an assigned PCM, please continue to see that PCM unless you are notified of a new PCM by your managed-care contractor. If you don’t have an assigned PCM, you can see an authorized TRICARE provider.

This system maintenance was in preparation for changes coming Monday. They include transitioning from three to two stateside regions and regional contractors. The west will remain mostly as is and will be managed by Health Net Federal Services LLC, while the north and south regions will become the east and will be managed by Humana Military.

In addition, TRICARE benefits will shift from a fiscal year period to a calendar year in 2018, making them more consistent with civilian health plans.

This primarily affects those in plans with an enrollment fee billed by the fiscal year, such as retirees and their family members in TRICARE Prime, Retired Reserve, Reserve Select, Young Adults and the US Family Health plans.

New fees also take effect Jan. 1. TRICARE Reserve Select goes from $47.82 a month to $46.09 for individual coverage and from $217.51 a month to $221.38 a month for a family.

For those on Tricare Retired Reserve, monthly premiums for a family will increase to $431.35 for an individual $1,038.31 for family. TRR is available for Guard and Reserve retirees under 60.

More information on the changes can be found at is external).