“As an Iraq veteran, prior to coming into the Center I felt I had a good grasp on the struggles veterans face in trying to obtain discharge upgrades or to obtain their veterans benefits through the VA, but after working in the Center I now realize I didn’t know the half of it.  After two semesters in the Center, I have gained insight into the uphill battle many veterans face in obtaining even the very basic of benefits they are entitled to.  I have also had my eyes truly opened to the lasting effects of certain types of military discharges and how sometimes a simple mistake or poor decision can affect someone’s entire life.  The type of work done in the Center has had such a profound effect on me as a person, a veteran, and future attorney that it has shaped my career path in a way that has compelled me to give back to the veteran community and to those veterans who have already given so much of themselves to this country.” S.O.