Jennifer and Patrick

I am a Viet Nam Veteran who served proudly by volunteering for the service of my country in 1973, immediately after I turned 17. The environment I was thrown in to and the chaos I was not only forced to accept, but make some kind of sense out of left me with a permanent psychological disability known as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This governments denial of assistance for myself and thousands of other Veterans will forever remain a trigger issue for me as the insurmountable hardships dealt to Veterans by the VA in obtaining their due benefits has remained not only a significant contributor to my PTSD, but overshadowed this Veterans faith in the government for which I volunteered my life for. Mr. Dan Devoy and his A team from the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center, Golden Gate University School of Law is without a doubt singularly responsible for keeping me alive with hope for the future and away from the possibility of a life of crime and addiction. Professor Devoy in further proof of his drive for excellence and the fair treatment of all Veterans, chose the one team of student paralegals that made the success of my caseload all but assured. The very nature of the VA’s reluctance to assist Veterans placed both Jennifer and Patrick, Mr. Devoy’s chosen team mates, in to what can be called none other than a maelstrom of malfeasance.

I was a Veteran with multiple serious issues that needed immediate and long-term care. All of these issues were interlaced and supportive upon the other issues I suffered from. The merits of my case against the VA required nothing less than the precise research and follow up of both Jennifer and Patrick, Mr. Devoy’s chosen paralegals. Because of their high level of professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and the watchful eye and play calling of Mr. Dan Devoy Esq, I have been able to focus on my recovery and healing. Along with my wife, my therapist and newly acquired sympathetic professionals in the VA healthcare system, Mr. Devoy and his team will remain a blessing to both myself and my family. Thank you again Dan, Jennifer and Patrick.