The veteran’s clinic at Golden Gate University was extremely helpful for me. First and foremost, Professor Daniel Devoy was extremely helpful in telling me what my rights as a veteran of the United States Army are. Additionally, Mr. Devoy was very understanding and empathetic to what I had to say and never once belittled or undermined what I felt. Furthermore, I feel that without the center at Golden Gate University that I would not have received adequate advice. Before I was discharged from the Army, many people told me that health care and compensation was only for those who had been deployed to combat zones or for those who were medically discharged from the military. Because Mr. Devoy was so helpful and passionate about helping veterans, I was able to learn my rights as a veteran. Although my claim is still being processed, I know that I would not be close to where I am now without the help of Mr. Devoy and Golden Gate University. I am very thankful and grateful for what the school and Professor Devoy have done for me and others who have served in the United States military.  J.Z