VLAC Testimonials

I greatly enjoyed my time in working with the GGU Veteran’s Legal Center.  I was able to further my practical skills in client interviews & intake, as well as research and writing of briefs, motions and legal memos.  The best part of working in the clinic was the rewarding feeling in knowing I was helping great members of VLAC’s community who have served our country.  I would highly recommend the Center to anyone who is looking to gain these invaluable skills and enjoy an enriching experience.     J.W


“The VLAC elucidates why I chose to come to law school.  It allowed me to expand my intellect and learn valuable skills in my pursuit of serving others.  More importantly, VLAC provided me with humility and pride; it was a privilege to be able to give back, however little, to the underrepresented individuals who so honorably served our country.” P.H.


“As an Iraq veteran, prior to coming into the Center I felt I had a good grasp on the struggles veterans face in trying to obtain discharge upgrades or to obtain their veterans benefits through the VA, but after working in the Center I now realize I didn’t know the half of it.  After two semesters in the Center, I have gained insight into the uphill battle many veterans face in obtaining even the very basic of benefits they are entitled to.  I have also had my eyes truly opened to the lasting effects of certain types of military discharges and how sometimes a simple mistake or poor decision can affect someone’s entire life.  The type of work done in the Center has had such a profound effect on me as a person, a veteran, and future attorney that it has shaped my career path in a way that has compelled me to give back to the veteran community and to those veterans who have already given so much of themselves to this country.” S.O.


“VLAC was my first real legal experience, and by the end of my time there I learned a lot.  Getting to interacts, interview, and listen to clients was the best part because I was actually helping someone.  Doing the legal research and writing the briefs was satisfying since it was making the difference in a veteran’s life.  My confidence as a future lawyer has grown because of my work with Professor Devoy and VLAC.”  R.S


Dear Dan, I wanted to take a moment to thank both you and VLAC’s students for your assistance in successfully appealing my VA Disability Claim. Thanks to your diligence I have been restored to 100% Disability, which is a huge comfort to an aging Veteran on Social Security.      Thanks to all who participated in my claim, I hope they gained some practical experience. R.D.


Mr. Devoy, I would like to commend you and VLAC’s students, Jonathan and Celina for your professionalism, and speedy execution of my VA claim for PTSD compensation. It has been a pleasure working with you.  T.A


Mr. Devoy, I finally dealt with the appeal to the VBA that you and VLAC’s staff created for me.  I am awed at the complexity of the appeal of the denial of my claim, as well as, the comprehensiveness of your submission! Thank you for taking my appeal — and the appeals of fellow Veterans. J.C.M


I extremely appreciate you and VLAC’s teams help with this. I have been trying to help Luke go forward with some things, but this always stops him because he feels judged no matter what. I think the fact you have been able to help us so much as lifted his moral. He has an interview with Cal fire next week and he is super excited. I know he and I both cannot thank you and VLAC’s team enough for this help, I was ready to give up looking for help when I tried your number. I hope we were easy to work with. Again, thank you so much for VLAC’s help, this will definitely keep Luke a bit more motivated.
Let me know if you need anything else.  Thanks D.S.


Being a Vietnam Veteran, I want you to know how much I appreciated the work of Dan Devoy and his students in helping me prepare my VA compensation claim.  They were caring and sympathetic in helping me organize and present my claim. They assembled a neat and organized presentation of my records and forms. They made the application process simple and a lot less stressful; a process that can be frustrating and demoralizing to many veterans. It’s the first time I felt someone actually appreciated my service to my country.  They provide a REAL service to veterans. I can’t praise them enough.

a Vietnam Veteran

I have received my official paperwork, with my upgraded discharge. Everything is going well.  I’m using a bunch of my benefits to really help my family. It’s making a huge difference in our lives. Thank you for all of VLAC’s effort and help getting my discharge upgraded. G.C.


I am a Viet Nam Veteran who served proudly by volunteering for the service of my country in 1973, immediately after I turned 17. The environment I was thrown in to and the chaos I was not only forced to accept, but make some kind of sense out of left me with a permanent psychological disability known as PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This governments denial of assistance for myself and thousands of other Veterans will forever remain a trigger issue for me as the insurmountable hardships dealt to Veterans by the VA in obtaining their due benefits has remained not only a significant contributor to my PTSD, but overshadowed this Veterans faith in the government for which I volunteered my life for. Mr. Dan Devoy and his A team from the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center, Golden Gate University School of Law is without a doubt singularly responsible for keeping me alive with hope for the future and away from the possibility of a life of crime and addiction. Professor Devoy in further proof of his drive for excellence and the fair treatment of all Veterans, chose the one team of student paralegals that made the success of my caseload all but assured. The very nature of the VA’s reluctance to assist Veterans placed both Jennifer and Patrick, Mr. Devoy’s chosen team mates, in to what can be called none other than a maelstrom of malfeasance.

I was a Veteran with multiple serious issues that needed immediate and long-term care. All of these issues were interlaced and supportive upon the other issues I suffered from. The merits of my case against the VA required nothing less than the precise research and follow up of both Jennifer and Patrick, Mr. Devoy’s chosen paralegals. Because of their high level of professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and the watchful eye and play calling of Mr. Dan Devoy Esq, I have been able to focus on my recovery and healing. Along with my wife, my therapist and newly acquired sympathetic professionals in the VA healthcare system, Mr. Devoy and his team will remain a blessing to both myself and my family. Thank you again Dan, Jennifer and Patrick.

Jennifer and Patrick

The veteran’s clinic at Golden Gate University was extremely helpful for me. First and foremost, Professor Daniel Devoy was extremely helpful in telling me what my rights as a veteran of the United States Army are. Additionally, Mr. Devoy was very understanding and empathetic to what I had to say and never once belittled or undermined what I felt. Furthermore, I feel that without the center at Golden Gate University that I would not have received adequate advice. Before I was discharged from the Army, many people told me that health care and compensation was only for those who had been deployed to combat zones or for those who were medically discharged from the military. Because Mr. Devoy was so helpful and passionate about helping veterans, I was able to learn my rights as a veteran. Although my claim is still being processed, I know that I would not be close to where I am now without the help of Mr. Devoy and Golden Gate University. I am very thankful and grateful for what the school and Professor Devoy have done for me and others who have served in the United States military.  J.Z


“…I have been awarded VA disability for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Thanks to you and VLAC’s student team, the process was much quicker than I expected and quicker than the average length time it normally takes, from what I have been told.  Thank you again for the professional and thorough manner you approached my case and it was a pleasure working with you and your students.”  T.A


“I would like to thank you and the law students of the Veterans Legal Advocacy Center for all their help… [The VLAC] worked on my claim and succeeded in doing what I could not in forty years:  they got the VA to finally acknowledge my service-connected injuries and grant me VA healthcare.”  D.J


VLAC’s client served as an Army medic in the Iraq War.  During the war, he endured multiple combat engagements and consistently served under fire.  He also performed medical services on close friends who did not survive their injuries.  After returning home, our client began to experience the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Our client did not receive medical treatment for his injury, and subsequently engaged in several minor disciplinary infractions.  Due to this conduct, our client received a less than Honorable Discharge.

Army medic in the Iraq War

VLAC’s client served as a Marine in the Iraq War.  After returning home he began to suffer from the effects of severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Due to this, the Department of Veterans Affairs awarded him a service connected disability rating of just 30%.  However, this percentage equated to only $400.00 per month, and the impact of his PTSD was so severe that it prevented the veteran from obtaining gainful employment.

Marine in the Iraq War