Study: More Women Recruiters to Recruit More Women

Washington Report

(July 11) More female recruiters would help the military add women to its ranks. And a greater presence of women in advertising campaigns to debunk stereotypes would also be a boost.

Those are two results of a study by the RAND Corporation, a nonprofit research organization, examining how the military could recruit more females now that they can serve in a greater number of combat roles.

The study, “Recruiting Policies and Practices for Women in the Military: Views from the Field,” is based on interviews with recent recruits, recruiters and recruiting leadership.

According to the report, recent recruits see the increased availability of combat roles for women as a positive. Also, the dangers of sexual assault and sexual harassment were mainly viewed by recruits and recruiters as worries more for parents than for young women seeking to enlist.

Recommendations include adding female recruiters and placing them in areas where they can do the most good. An increase in resources for recruiters, including some set aside to specifically target females, and a reduction in administrative burdens placed on them would also help.

Advertising aimed at potential recruits should demonstrate the varied combat positions now open to women