Some TRICARE Customers Owe Thousands

NGAUS Washington Report
April 10, 2018

Those who missed the news or simply didn’t respond when TRICARE dropped from three to two regions Jan. 1, prompting a change in contractors, may have to pay thousands of dollars to have coverage reinstated, according to a report from

The switch combined the TRICARE North and South regions into the East region. The West region remained unchanged.

Troops and family members who missed payments because of the swap must make up those payments, plus pay in advance to reinstate coverage. The amount depends on the plan, according to TRICARE officials who spoke to

Affected users include those with TRICARE Retired Reserve and TRICARE Young Adult, who must pay five months worth of premiums at once—three for missed payments back to Jan. 1 and two in advance.

TRICARE Reserve Select and TRICARE Prime users must pay for three missed months, but only one month in advance.

This could cost more than $5,000 for customers on the TRICARE Retired Reserve family plan to pay for three months of missed premiums and two months in advance to have coverage restarted.

TRICARE officials encourage all beneficiaries using those plans to check to see if their payments are up to date. That includes those who made payments in December because a problem then caused some of those payments to be lost.