SB 562: Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemptions

Call to Assemblymember Autumn Burke – Chair, Assembly Committee on Revenue and Taxation

Capitol Office: (916) 319-2062 – Committee Office: (916) 319-2098

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Hi my name is ________________ and I am calling to urge Assemblymember Burke to pass SB 562 out of her committee. This bill will serve the needs of California’s disabled veterans. Thank you.

Senate – California Legislature – Mike Morrell – Senator, Twenty-Third District

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SB 562 would increase property tax exemptions for disabled veterans, in order to keep up with the rising cost of housing in California.


California has granted property tax exemptions to disabled veterans since the 1980s, however, the value of exemptions has only risen by $34,706 dollars in nearly four decades. The increasing exemptions are failing to meet the needs of disabled veterans who are now paying significantly more for houses and taxes than the veterans of the 1980s. This bill contains two different exemptions, to address the majority of veterans as well as low-income veterans.


The Basic exemption would be increased from $134,706 to $200,000 and the Low Income exemption would increase from $202,060 to $250,000. Both rates would keep up with inflation moving forward. These exemptions are only available to veterans with a 100% disability rating, blind veterans, and veterans missing two or more limbs.


Housing prices in California are continuing to rise, and property taxes rise with them. Many of California’s disabled veterans are living off of small pensions and are losing the ability to keep up with a mortgage payment and the associated property taxes.


This problem is having a greater impact on the more recently separated veterans, from the post-9/11 era who are looking to return to California after their service and purchase a home. However, this does not mean that the Vietnam era veterans are not struggling to keeping up with the cost of housing.


The permanently and severely disabled veterans who would benefit from this bill are completely unable to work after their time in service. Their incomes rely solely on the small pensions they receive from the Department of Veterans Affairs. These pensions do not keep up with the rising cost of living, especially in California. California needs to ensure that disabled veterans do not have to worry about losing their home because they cannot keep up with their property taxes.

SOLUTION – SB 562 would ensure that disabled veterans will be able to maintain the cost of housing in California by increasing the amount of property tax exemptions granted to disabled veterans.

SUPPORT – Homes for the Troops

BILL STATUS – Introduced – 2/22/2019