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About Pete Conaty 

After a 21 year career in the U.S. Army, including two tours in Vietnam where he was awarded the Combat Infantry Badge and the Purple Heart, Pete retired in 1986, having risen from the rank of Private to Lieutenant Colonel.

After his military career, he went to work at the California State Assembly for ten years where he worked in a variety of positions such as Chief Committee Consultant and Chief of Staff before establishing his governmental advocacy firm, Pete Conaty and Associates in 1996.

Since 1996 he has provided his veterans service organization clients with expert, knowledgeable, and effective guidance in Washington D.C. and the California State Legislature.  He has taken a hands-on approach to developing relationships with new members of the State Legislature and their staffs, while maintaining personal contacts with the Legislature, the Governor’s office, and various state agencies over the years.

Since 1986, Pete has been involved in veterans and military issues at the State Capitol and Washington D.C.  In the last ten years he has worked on over 800 veterans legislative bills at both the state and national capitols.  He is known as Mr. Veteran at the State Capitol.  In 2010 he was awarded the Cal-Vet Secretary’s Award for his “invaluable contributions to California veterans”.  He has received numerous awards for his advocacy on behalf of California’s military and veteran population.  In April 2016, Pete was inducted into the Officer Candidate School Hall of Fame at Fort Benning.

Pete Conaty and Associates currently directly represents over 800,000 veterans and their families who are members of the organizations listed below.  California currently has approximately 1.84 million veterans, more than any other state.  These organizations have over 1,000 Posts located throughout California as well as offices at various Veterans Administration Regional offices, hospitals, medical centers, and veterans’ memorial buildings.

Pete Conaty and Associates is a state certified Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise (DVBE) and eligible to assist with state contracts. .



 The American G.I. Forum (AGIF) is a congressionally chartered Hispanic veterans and civil rights organization founded in 1948. Its motto is “Education is Our Freedom and Freedom should be Everybody’s Business”. AGIF operates chapters throughout the United States, with a focus on veterans’ issues, education, and civil rights.

 American Legion, Department of California

The American Legion, founded in 1919, is an organization of veterans of the United States Armed Forces who served in wartime.  The American Legion is active in supporting the interests of veterans and lobbying on their behalf.  Members are kept informed on legislation at the federal and state levels which impacts veterans.  The American Legion, Department of California has over 102,000 members and represents the interests of California’s 1.9 million veterans and their families.

 AMVETS, Department of California (Team AMVETS)

AMVETS or American Veterans was formed in 1944 to help WWII veterans obtain the benefits promised by the federal government.  AMVETS continues this commitment to America’s veterans, their families, and the active military by assisting them in securing their earned entitlements.  Team AMVETS strongly supports legislation to provide services to veterans.  AMVETS Department of California has over 10,000 members and over 51 local posts in the state, as well as thrift shops.  AMVETS is involved in helping hospitalized veterans, Special Olympics, scouting, organ donor projects, national monuments, and living by their commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.

California Association of County Veterans Service Officers

The California Association of County Veterans Service Officers (CACVSO) was established in 1945 and they are responsible for providing benefit entitlement determinations, claim development, claim filing advocacy, and case management services to our respective veteran’ populations.  CVSO’s are actively engaged in assisting recent veterans

from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars with all aspects of veterans benefits, including educational and employment issues.  CVSO’s also assists a vital segment of our population which encompasses an ever increasing aging veterans’ population composed of WWII and Korean veterans, confined in some cases to skilled nursing facilities or their own homes. CVSO’s are also responsible for screening of all veterans and their dependents for eligibility for county services.

Military Officers Association of America, CA Council of Chapters

The Military Officers Association of America, California Council of Chapter’smission is to support directly and through their affiliated chapters, the military community. This includes active, retired, former commissioned and warrant officers of all seven Uniformed Services including the National Guard and Reserve components and their surviving spouses.  CAL-MOAA as it is known, strives to preserve and enhance their rights, benefits, entitlements, and quality of life.   Cal-MOAA has almost 30,000 members representing over 160,000 military retirees.

National Guard Association of California

Since 1955, the National Guard Association of the California (NGAC) works to represent the interests of the 20,000 current and numerous former members of the California National Guard.  NGAC supports aspects of the California and National Security while advancing the interests of The California National Guard, the men and women who serve, and their families. NGAC is a private, non-profit military organization [501 (c) 19]. Since 2011, after 9/11, the members of the California National Guard have been deployed numerous times to support state missions and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. NGAC provides opportunities for both personal and professional development. In addition, the NGAC serves as the collective voice of the membership to advance and protect the interest of current and past members of the State Military Department as well as its federal active duty and reserve force comrades in arms

 Vietnam Veterans of America, California State Council

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) was founded in 1978 to promote, support, and aggressively advocate on the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, the next generation of America’s war veterans, and to also serve our local communities.  The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) is the only national Vietnam veteran’s organization congressionally chartered and exclusively dedicated to Vietnam-era veterans and their families. Nationwide, the VVA has over 50,000 members and the California State Council of the VVA has over 4,800 members.

 California State Commanders Veterans Council

The CSCVC is a group of 15 veterans service organizations and other military service related organizations, whose mission is to evaluate pending state legislation affecting California’s veterans, whether active, reserve, National Guard, or retired.  The Council was founded in 1966 and it continues to meet regularly to coordinate legislative strategies to advance veterans issues at the state level.  The clients listed on this document are members of this council.  The state commanders and presidents, or their designated appointees of the 15 member organizations, make up the council’s body.