NGAUS Company Graders Seek Your thoughts on TRICARE

NGAUS wants to know your thoughts on TRICARE and other health care coverage.

A short, anonymous survey is now available online. The survey, which is open to all members of the Army and Air National Guard, will help NGAUS better understand health care issues and shape the association’s priorities, according to Capt. Paul Hauter, who serves on the NGAUS Company Grade Officers Committee.

 Hauter said survey results will help drive the conversation with members of Congress and National Guard leaders.

 “This gives us data and specific examples to utilize to strengthen our case,” he said.

 The survey is one of several planned by NGAUS this year. Questions focus on the type of health insurance held by members of the Guard, the cost of health care, medical readiness, retention and issues related to switching health insurance plans during deployments.

 The deadline for the survey is April 15. The results will be shared with association members.

Currently, all drilling Guardsmen — except federal government employees — and their families are eligible for TRICARE Reserve Select, which has low premiums because the Defense Department picks up the most of the costs.

 Some NGAUS leaders have suggested that making TRS free to those who serve would improve medical readiness, recruiting and retention.