NGAC Scholarship Annex E

National Guard Association of California (NGAC)

NGAC Annual Scholarship Program

ANNEX E: Counselor’s Data Sheet

(Graduating HS Seniors only)

Applicant’s Name (Last, First Middle)____________________________________________

Note: Applicant’s counselor or other duly authorized representative of the high school MUST complete this form. Please return completed form to applicant in sealed envelope, signed by you over the sealed portion of the back of the envelope, for inclusion in application package.

Sat Scores: Verbal_______ Math_______

Act Score_______

Year of Graduation___________

Size of Graduating Class__________

Class Rank_________

Percentile Rank_________

Unweighted Cumulative Grade Point Average

(For Most Recent Seven Semesters On A 4.0 Scale)_______________

Information about person completing form:

Printed Name

_______________________________________________ ______________________
Signature                                                                             Phone
_______________________________________________ _____________________

Position/Title                                                                 Email Address