NGAC Scholarship Annex B

National Guard Association of California (NGAC)

Scholarship Program

ANNEX B: Applicant Information
(All Applicants)

Section 1:

All Applicants Will Fill Out the Following:

_____________________________         _________________________________________
Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial       Date of Birth
(____)________________________        _________________________________________
Phone Number                                      Email Address
__________________________ _______________________    _________    ____________
Street Address                                    City                                 State               Zip

Section 2:

New College or Vocational/Technical School Students Will Fill Out the Following:

_______________     _________________________________________________________
Date/expected date            Name of high school

Year of high school graduation
__________________________ _______________________    _________    ____________

Street Address of High School        City                                 State               Zip

Section 3:

Returning College or Vocational/Technical School Student Will Fill out the Following:

Name of college or school currently attending or last attended:
__________________________ _______________________    _________    ____________

Street Address of School                City                                 State               Zip

My GPA is __________ (attach grade report)

My major is _______________________________

What year (senior etc.) __________

My extra curricula activities include _______________________________________________



(If necessary, attach separate sheet with your name)

Section 4:

NGAC Member Applicants and Sponsors of Dependents Will Fill Out the Following


Military Branch: ___Army ___Air Force ___CA SMR

Military Component (check one):

___ AGR ___Traditional National Guard (“M-Day”) ___ CA SMR ___ Retired

Years of Service From___________________ To____________________

Years of Deployment and Operation Title (if applicable)

Operation ____________________________________________________

Assignment Location ___________________________________________

From_____________________ To_________________________________

Attachments: Required application forms, supporting military documents and/or school transcripts and/or SAT-ACT score notification letters.