NGAC Scholarship Annex A

National Guard Association of California (NGAC)

Annual Scholarship Program

ANNEX A: Required Application Documents
(All Applicants)

  1. NGAC Scholarship Application Form (may be downloaded from
  2. Counselor’s Recommendation (for High School Seniors only) – to be completed by applicant’s High School counselor.
  3. Personal/Teacher/Professor/Professional Recommendation (required for ALL applicants) – to be completed by recommender.
  4. Commander’s Recommendation Form – to be completed by unit commander of the applicant or sponsor. Retired applicants or sponsors may submit retirement orders in lieu of.
  5. Recommendation Letters for Applicants – must come from someone OTHER THAN a relative of the applicant.
  6. Proof of Deployment – NGAC member applicants claiming deployment credit must provide a copy of DD214 or DD215 indicating dates of deployment and award of campaign medal or eligibility for Shoulder Sleeve Insignia for Former Wartime Service.
  7. Proof of Purple Heart Eligibility – Applicants or dependents claiming eligibility due to awarding of the Purple Heart Medal must provide a copy of DD214 or DD215 indicating its award to the applicant or sponsor.
  8. Proof of Military Dependent Status – Copy of one of the following: DoD dependent ID card (DD Form 1173 or DD Form 1173-1), birth certificate, marriage certificate, or California Secretary of State certificate of domestic partnership.
  9. All High School Senior applicants must also submit an Activities Summary with the following information listed:
    1. High School Activities and offices held
    2. High School honors and awards
  10. All Scholarship applicants must also submit an original essay, typed/printed, double-spaced, and not longer than 500 words answering the following question: What is the greatest challenge you have faced and how has it affected you?
  11. A scholarship may be revoked for any of the following reasons: 
    1. Recipient fails to enroll in qualified trade school, college, or university.
    2. Recipient receives a criminal conviction.
    3. Recipient fails to meet eligibility criteria.
    4. CNG Applicant or Sponsor does not meet military obligations.
  12. Scholarship designees/recipients who accept an appointment to any service academy.
  13. Upon notification they have been selected to receive a scholarship award, all applicants must submit a copy of College, University, or Vocational-Technical School acceptance letter or transcript, ATTN: NGAC Executive Director, prior to disbursement of the award check.