NGAC Proxy

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Published: 09 March 2015

Section 2 e. (3) Proxies of the NGAC bylaws says:

The Executive Council shall afford all voting members the opportunity to designate a person or persons the authority to vote on the behalf of the member at any regular or special meeting of the Association. The Executive Council will distribute a formal proxy form in accordance with the California Corporations Code, but will accept any proxy verifiable in writing or through any electronic means.


PROXY for the National Guard Association of California (NGAC) Membership Meeting

I am a member of the National Guard Association of California, with a membership number of ________________.

In addition, I hereby appoint and authorise _____________________________________ to act as proxy and to vote for me at the following NGAC Membership Meeting.

Date ________________________

Time: ________________________

Address: ______________________

City, State, Postal Code _____________________________________________________

This Proxy shall be voided if I personally attend the said meeting.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have executed this proxy on _____________________________