NGAC Membership Benefits

Increased reliance on the National Guard in response to crises around the world and the continuing requirements to respond to State emergencies are evidence of the need for a strong National Guard force. This is more obvious today than any time in our recent history. To recruit, retain, and train our soldiers and airmen, we need the proper resources. This requires equipment, facilities, and personnel benefits to adequately take care of our young men and women and their families. One of the most important and effective ways to ensure we obtain those resources is through our National Guard Associations. Few of us realize how strong an impact our professional associations have in lobbying our legislators in Washington, D.C. and in our own State Legislature.


The National Guard Association of California garners support for the California National Guard’s role in state and national security, and improves its members’ quality of life. The National Guard Association of California achieves its mission through three primary programs of Membership, Benefits, and Advocacy.


Our members are the driving force behind the California National Guard Association. As a member of the “Association” your voice will be heard on key legislative issues at the State and National Level. In addition to advocating on your behalf on key issues the Association provides a number of benefits that include professional development, social activities, discount programs, and a great inexpensive life insurance program for you and your family


The NGAC is a member-based, grass-roots organization. Ideas and input from our members form the foundation of our daily activities and determines the priorities of the Association both legislatively and operationally. Our founding documents outlines our responsibility to advocate for the California National Guard with our elected leaders, the general public, all active and reserve military components, like-type membership-based military associations, and entities that serve the military community


The National Guard Association of California provides a number of benefits to the Airmen, Soldiers, and Families of the California National Guard. Many of these benefits continue after separating or retiring from the California National Guard.


  • NGAUS lobbies at a National level on our behalf. They are our voice in Washington DC. Each year we enjoy more and better benefits, equipment, facilities, training resources, and full-time manning because of NGAUS. NGAUS keeps us informed on National issues that impact the states.
  • NGAUS receives resolutions from all states each year. They develop and consolidate these resolutions. They use these resolutions as the foundation of their legislative program.
  • NGAUS holds an annual conference each year to conduct business, approve resolutions, provide professional development, interface with vendors, and hold training classes.
  • NGAUS runs the National Guard Museum and maintains a record of our rich and proud history.
  • Members receive the monthly National Guard Magazine.
  • Members receive discounted travel benefits.
  • Members are eligible for preferred vision care thru NGAUS.
  • NGAUS provides technicians with quality Disability and Term Life Insurance.


  • NGAC serves as a strong advocate for the National Guard, all Guard members, Guard Families, and the Guard community.
  • NGAC lobbies at a State level on your behalf. NGAC is your voice at California State Legislature. Each year we fight for your benefits.
  • NGAC receives resolutions each from members, vendors and other individuals. They develop and consolidate these resolutions.
  • NGAC holds an annual conference each year to conduct business, approve resolutions, and interface with vendors. We approve resolutions and forward them to NGAUS.
  • NGAC provides SSLI – (State Sponsored Life Insurance) to all California Guard members.
  • NGAC issues a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed.
  • NGAC supports the local community.
  • NGAC has a scholarship program.