NGAC History

The National Guard Association of California was founded in 1950 for the purpose of representing active and retired members of the California National Guard. NGAC is a Nonprofit 501 (c) 19 Veterans Organization designed to serve as the collective voice of all California Guard officers and enlisted personnel. Together, members share in the pride, patriotism, and vigilance that keep the state and the nation strong. NGAC is a strong advocate of the rights of veterans and members of the State Military Forces, and provides the united voice helping to keep the members of the State Military Department ready and equipped to defend the state and nation when called to do so.

NGAC has proven its value in the state and federal legislative process by consistently achieving improved benefits and better equipment. Additionally, NGAC offers improved individual and family benefits not otherwise available such as group life insurance, scholarships, a dental plan, a vision plan, hospital indemnity protection, and more.

Why NGAC? Because over fifty years ago, Guard members like you wanted and needed representation. Because we’re in the business to support the citizen-soldier and citizen-airman, and we stand guard over the needs of the members of the State Military Forces and veterans at all times. As a volunteer, you deserve more benefits, better training, and state of the art equipment. If you are not already a member of NGAC, shouldn’t you be? Join today and you will be part of a proud organization that never fails to support the troops when needed, no matter what the cost. If the National Guard Association of California is to be effective – NGAC needs YOU!!