Magazine: RPAs, A Terrible Year & World Cup Madness

June 2018

The potential of remotely piloted aircraft for military and nonmilitary missions is difficult to fathom. Possible tasks for the technology are too numerous for them all to be funded. Read about the significant roles RPAs could play in the future in the NATIONAL GUARD, the award-winning magazine from NGAUS.

The country was on fire in 1968 and the National Guard was called out to bring order. But the force 50 years ago was ill-equipped for the mission and mistakes were made. Both the nation and the Guard learned a lot from that dramatic time. The story is in the June issue of NATIONAL GUARD, the award-winning NGAUS magazine.

The U.S. may not be crazy for soccer—or football, as it is called everywhere else—but Guardsmen in some State Partnership Program relationships have seen how seriously it is taken in other countries. They talk about their unique perspective on the World Cup, what some people consider the world’s greatest sporting event. It’s in the June issue of the association’s membership magazine.

The National Guard Educational Foundation’s intern program has been giving college students a start on their careers for several years now. Plus, it has been a a boost to the National Guard Memorial Museum’s effort to receive professional accreditation. Read about it in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

The annual NGAUS Products & Services Directory is in this month’s issue. You’ll want to set it aside and refer to it often. It is one of the most popular special sections of the year.

The NGAUS chairman has an idea on how to address the recruitment problem in the Guard and other services. . . . Hawaii Guardsmen are battling a unique challenge—molten lava. . . . As a young girl, she wanted to fly and now she is.

Read all of this and more in the June issue of NATIONAL GUARD. For an early look, go to