Magazine: NGB Chief, Joint STARS, USERRA

Gen. Joseph L. Lengyel, the chief of the National Guard Bureau, sits down with NATIONAL GUARD to discuss what he’s learned as chief and where he thinks the force is going. Read his comments in the current issue of the NGAUS membership magazine.

An Air National Guard unit in Georgia is fulfilling all of the nation’s Joint STARS missions, providing combatant commanders and law-enforcement agencies with information they need. And the airmen do it with old airplanes. Read how they juggle mission and maintenance in the August issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

By law, National Guardsmen cannot lose their jobs because of their military obligations. But there are limits to that protection. The association magazine takes a look at the USERRA law and wonders if it is time for a change.

A new version of the GI Bill is good news for the reserve component. . . . A retired NCO is set to receive the top award from NGAUS. . . . Sometimes luck is required when pushing for legislation. . . . National Guardsmen train Down Under.

All of this and more is in the August issue of NATIONAL GUARD, coming soon to your mailbox. For an early look, check out is external).