Magazine: Humvees, Budget & World War I

The Humvee has been around for decades and is likely to remain a mainstay of the military for many more years. However, it will probably go through some changes. Read how the venerable vehicle is doing as it reaches its 30s. The story is in this month’s issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

President Donald Trump’s first budget request includes good and bad for the National Guard. More people for both the Army and Air Guard, but fewer aircraft in both, as well. There is a long way to go in the budget process, but NATIONAL GUARD analyzes the early figures. Read it in the current issue of the NGAUS monthly magazine.

A war that unfortunately is largely forgotten these days had a great impact on the National Guard, the nation and the nature of war. NATIONAL GUARD takes a look at the legacy of World War I 100 years later.

The NGAUS chairman has some thoughts about duty-status reform and one particular mobilization status. . . . The State Partnership Program deserves more respect from the budget. . . . A seminar on mental health at the National Guard Memorial attracted lawmakers, professionals and service members familiar with the problem.

All of this and more is in the July issue of NATIONAL GUARD. Look for it in your mailbox and online at is external).