Magazine: ‘Fedrec,’ TRS & The Big Easy

February 2018

A NGAUS survey that asked National Guard officers about the federal recognition process received more than 3,100 responses and the result was not good for the promotion system. Some have waited nearly a year or longer for Pentagon approval of their promotion. And they’re not happy. Read about in this month’s issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

Some drilling National Guardsmen do not qualify for TRICARE Reserve Select health care from the Pentagon. They are dual-status technicians who are considered federal government employees and required to buy the health plan reserved for them. NGAUS thinks this is unfair. The reasons are discussed in the February issue of the association’s award-winning magazine.

An Illinois National Guardsman found out the hard way how the digital world can make someone’s life difficult. Information put on the internet is neither private nor safe. Learn more in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

Think of New Orleans and you think of food, fun and Bourbon Street. You should also think of NGAUS. The association’s annual conference and exhibition will be in New Orleans in August. The February magazine has a preview of what to expect.

The NGAUS chairman is happy to have a defense spending bill, but that doesn’t solve all the problems. . . . A North Carolina unit says farewell to an old friend. . . . Read all of this and more in the February issue of NATIONAL GUARD. Find the magazine online at is external).