Magazine: C-130 Upgrades, Senator Leahy, General Temple

May 2018

The Air National Guard’s fleet of C-130Hs is older than most pilots. And even though upgrades are on the planning table, they won’t be coming anytime soon. Read the details in the May issue of NATIONAL GUARD, the award-winning NGAUS membership publication.

Senator Patrick Leahy has been a powerful friend of the National Guard for his entire Senate career. He spent time with the NGAUS magazine to talk about where the Guard has been and where it is going. Read about in the current issue.

Retired Lt. Gen. Herbert R. Temple Jr. had a distinguished career in the National Guard. If you don’t believe it, visit the Army National Guard Readiness Center near Washington, D.C. It has his name on it. That’s an indication of his importance to the Guard. The intriguing story is in the May issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

The NGAUS chairman talks about the grass-roots success of NGAUS in pushing for faster Guard officer promotions. . . . The fighter-pilot shortage is worse than you probably think. . . . Legislation takes serious the exposure of service members and civilians to burn pits in Afghanistan and Iraq. . . . A North Carolina flying unit welcomes some new airplanes.

Read about all of this and more in the May issue of NATIONAL GUARD, your award-winning magazine. Find the magazine online at is external).