Magazine: Black Hawks & Sharks

The Army National Guard is happy its UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters are being revamped with digital cockpits and more. But the timing could be better—the process is long and the Victors that result will be missing some functions pilots like. Read about it in the December issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

An Ohio National Guard airman saw a need and addressed it. And his effort put him on national TV in front of a panel of very, very rich people. Three of them are now his partners. The story of how this citizen-airman came to be on Shark Tank is in the current edition of the NGAUS membership publication.

National Guard members are not tired of being the nation’s go-to force. A survey by the NGAUS Company Grade Committee did find, however, that “future uncertainty” is a worry. The latest survey from the committee paints a realistic picture of the National Guard. The results are in the December magazine now on its way to your mailbox.

NGAUS relies on its corporate members. . . . The NGAUS chairman has noticed the personal quality of the men and women in the force and thinks it leads to mission success. . . . The New Year brings a new retirement system to the military.

All of this and more is found in the December issue of NATIONAL GUARD. For an early look, go to