Guard Helicopters, More in House Defense Bill

NGAUS Washington Report
May 29, 2018

The House last week approved its version of the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, H.R. 5515. The bill authorizes $717 billion in defense spending, including $69 billion for war efforts.

The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved its version of the NDAA, but the Senate hasn’t completed work on it. Following the passage of the Senate NDAA, a conference committee will hash out the differences between both bills and produce a final bill to be voted on by both chambers, which will then go to the president for his signature.

The House legislation includes a 2.6 percent pay raise, a review of the promotion process for National Guard officers and several other Guard-related items. The highlights are:

  • $284.6 million for new AH-64E Apache helicopters, including $192 million designated for the Army Guard;
  • $224.8 million for 14 new UH-60M Black Helicopters for the Army Guard;
  • $25 million for Army Guard Humvee modernization;
  • $191.1 million for Army Guard military construction projects in nine states;
  • $67.2 million for four Active Warning and Survivability System production kits for Air Guard F-15C Eagles;
  • $151 million for modernization of Air Guard C-130H aircraft to include new propellers and engine upgrades;
  • $163.7 million for A-10 wing-replacement program;
  • $623 million for the Joint Surveillance Target Attack radar System recapitalization program;
  • $191 million in Air Guard military construction for projects in 10 states; and
  • $117.1 million for Guard Counterdrug Program.