Green Berets, Trackers & Lightning Test

Washington Report

(June 13, 2017)  Army Special Forces outfits bring a unique skill set to the fight. National Guard Green Berets do the same, along with some added talents that are described in the current issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

Guard fitness experts say wearable trackers can be a good tool for part-time troops to reach full-time physical readiness. Read about this new technology in the award-winning NGAUS membership magazine this month.

NATIONAL GUARD visits a Wisconsin Air Guard training base that hosts a joint air-combat exercise pitting the nation’s new fighter against some of the top legacy aircraft.

The 2017-2018 Corporate Member Products & Services Directory will also be mailed out with the magazine. It includes 300-plus companies and is a valuable resource for those involved with National Guard procurement.

President’s budget boosts overall spending for the National Guard. . . . Guardsmen flock to Oklahoma for an opportunity to attend some of the Army’s elite schools.