Glitches Plague Veterans ID Card

NGAUS Washington Report
April 3, 2018

Some veterans have been unable to apply for the Department of Veterans Affairs identification card that is free for all honorably discharged veterans. reported that a “parade of glitches” is to blame.

The card was mandated by Congress in 2015 and became available late in 2017. It is supposed to ease a veteran’s need to prove his status for such things as retail discounts. It is not an official document. About 75,000 veterans have successfully applied for the card.

But problems have prevented some veterans from applying and who or what is to blame is in dispute.

Some veterans who apply through the authorization system say they are told that their military service cannot be verified through the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System [DEERS]. Instead, they receive an error message. officials blame a glitch between their system and DEERS, reported. Veterans receive an email from saying the problem is not something can address.

A VA spokesman says the problem is simply that DEERS or the VA have inaccurate data.

A fix has been to ask veterans to manually input information from their DD-214 forms, which show proof of service.

But veterans who have done that have been frustrated, as well. One veteran wrote an email to saying he has waited a month for the problem to be fixed, but to no avail.