Decision Soon on F-35 Basing for Air Guard Units

Washington Report

(September 26, 2017) The Air Force is expected to announce in coming weeks which Air National Guard bases will receive the F-35 Lightning II. Five bases are in the running and two are to be selected.

The five finalists, which were announced in December 2016 from an initial list of 18, are:

  • Dannelly Field Air Guard Station, home of the 187th Fighter Wing, in Montgomery, Alabama;
  • Gowen Field Air Guard Station, home of the 124th Fighter Wing, in Boise, Idaho;
  • Jacksonville Air Guard Station, home of the 125th Fighter Wing, in Florida;
  • Selfridge Air National Guard Base, home of the 127th Wing, in Michigan; and
  • Truax Air Guard Station, home of the 115th Fighter Wing, in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Air Force has reviewed each base, taking into account such things as infrastructure, environmental concerns, cost factors and range space.

The two bases chosen by the Air Force should begin to receive the fifth-generation fighter in the mid-2020s. NGAUS has been told they could be delivered in 2022.

The Air Guard base in Burlington, Vermont, was previously identified as a home for the fighter. It is scheduled for delivery in the fall of 2019.