Gold Brigade

Gold Brigade Corporate Partnership

The National Guard’s role in national security is as vital today as it has been at anytime in its more than 350-year history. Both overseas and here in the U.S., the National Guard is a critical part of the Total Force—contributing to Homeland Security efforts and helping to fight the Global War on Terrorism.

More than 4,000 citizen-soldiers and airmen of the California National Guard have been recently deployed for the Global War on Terrorism, to include units sent to Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition to being a part of combat operations overseas, the California National Guard also serves communities and the state by responding to natural and man-made disasters such as the LA Riots, the Northridge and Loma Prieta Earthquakes, and numerous floods, wildfires, and search and rescue missions. Since 1949, the California National Guard has devoted more than 2.1 million personnel days for state emergency missions—the most of any state in the nation!


While the National Guard Association of California is supported primarily through the dues of its active and retired military members, corporations and other businesses are encouraged to become members of our Gold Brigade. Like the citizens of California and the nation, the business community clearly has a stake in ensuring that the National Guard remains a responsive, well-equipped force. NGAC attempts to make the California National Guard a place where soldiers and airmen receive the support that they deserve. Many businesses already support the troops. Yet, companies can help the California National Guard soldiers and airmen even more by supporting and joining the Gold Brigade and receive special recognition in our newsletters and during NGAC events.

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