California Free Food Banks

California Free Food Banks.

Individuals in California can turn to a local food bank for free or low-cost meals, food and groceries. Many of the pantries near you that are listed below work with other local charities, churches, and non-profits in your county and town. Together the various groups and pantries in your county (which are listed below) distribute food, groceries, produce, dairy products, baby formula, and much more to anyone who needs help.

d banks also partner with Feeding America, which is a national non-profit organization that operates in all 50 states across the country. Locations will also normally be able to help people apply for other government programs such as USDA Summer meals or the special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children. Together these various distribution centers near you can assist Californian families and individuals with accessing free food assistance and nutrition programs, including performing such activities as distributing fresh produce through the Farm to Family program. Information on other assistance programs such as CalFresh Program, WIC, or summer meals may be provided too.

Each and every year tens of millions of pounds of food are distributed to hundreds of thousands of individuals across California. While it is oftentimes the low income who request food, it is also very common for anyone who needs help to stop at a food bank. Many unemployed, people facing a short-term financial hardship, the elderly, and others take advantage of the food pantries near them to meet their nutritional needs. There have been an increasing number of residents using the services of a nearby pantry due to the weak economy.

In addition to the food banks listed below, you can get food and other aid from California non-profits or government food programs. There is also a referral number at the bottom of this page for additional locations. Also learn how people of all incomes can receive food at 50% off from organizations such as discounted food box programs and other sources of cheap groceries.

Find information on more food banks and pantries that operate in your local town, city, and county. Find the phone numbers and addresses of those pantries and programs that are more specific to your location.