Air Force to Retired Pilots: Come Back

Washington Report

(October 3, 2017) Retired Air Force pilots are being invited to return to active duty to help with the pilot shortage that is afflicting the service. The Voluntary Retired Return to Active Duty Program was announced Monday by the Air Force Personnel Center, according to Air Force Times.

In a press release Monday, Maj. Elizabeth Jarding said, “We will match VRRAD participants primarily to stateside rated staffs that don’t require re-qualification in a weapon system, with emphasis on larger organizations like major command staffs. They’ll fill critical billets that would otherwise remain vacant due to the shortage of active-duty officers available to move out of operational flying assignments.”

The program is open to pilots under the age of 60 who retired in the last five years at the rank of captain, major or lieutenant colonel. The tour will last 12 months. Applications are being accepted until Dec. 31, 2018, or until all 25 available slots are filled