Action Alert: State of VA Health Care Survey

Next week, the VFW converges on Washington to advocate on behalf of our nation’s veterans. Even if you can’t join us in Washington, we want your voice to be heard on Capitol Hill.

This year, a major issue is veterans’ health care reform, which has been stalled in Congress for the past year. Veterans need Congress to act now, and it’s our job as VFW members and veterans’ advocates to tell them what our veterans need.

Please take a few moments to complete the following survey to tell us about your health care options and preferences both inside and outside the VA health care system.

Questions include a variety of multiple choice, comment, and essay options. We also ask for specific demographic information to help identify trends within the veterans’ community. Required questions are marked with an asterisk (*).

You cannot take the survey more than once, so please pay careful attention to each of the questions asked.

Link to Survey:

If you have additional comments or questions for the VFW following the survey, please contact us via

Thank you for your service and for your participation!