Are You a Newly Commissioned Officer in The California Army or Air National Guard?

If so, both NGAC( & NGAUS( would like to give you a free one year membership in both organizations. Try us out, get involved, know what is going on in your Guard of today.

To join under this special fill out this form and submit it.

Others who have not paid 2017 dues yet, Click ( on the membership tab in the main menue

You can pay the annual NGAC dues rate or pay a one-time $200.00 for a lifetime membership. (The officer only association - NGAUS) has a similar lifetime membership plan as well.

Your voice in NGAC and NGAUS makes a difference for example there was a point in time last year when the Army Guard thought they would lose all of their AH-64 Apaches. That didn't happen because you and many other who are member of NGAC & NGAUS made their opinions know on Capitol Hill.

Membership in NGAC & NGAUS provides you with a voice here in California and on Capitol Hill. By joining with other citizen Soldiers, you strengthen your voice with our state and elected officials. In addition, you will begin coming into contact with other citizen Soldiers in the California Military Forces, thus strengthening your link within the California Military Forces

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The National Guard Association of California
3336 Bradshaw Road, Ste 230
Sacramento, CA 95827

NGAC Telephone: 916.362.3411
NGAC FAX: 916.362.3707
AFBA/SSLI Administrator Telephone: 800.462.7441 or 540.248.0837
AFBA/SSLI FAX: 540.248.0837

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Military Connection

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