Requirements for NGAC membership are:

  1. Active.  Upon application and payment of dues as prescribed, the Association may issue an Active membership to:
    (1) Persons holding active status in the California National Guard (hereinafter referred to as “the Guard”), State Military Reserve (hereinafter referred to as “SMR”), or the Naval Militia.
    (2) Persons who formerly served in the Guard, SMR, or Naval Militia and who were separated under honorable conditions.

  2. Life.  Upon application and payment of Life dues as prescribed, the Association may issue a Life membership to any person qualified to be an Active member.

  3. Associate.  Upon application and payment of dues as prescribed, the Association may issue an Associate membership to any qualified individual or group of individuals under the law and who are not eligible for Active membership, who actively support the purposes, goals, and objectives of the Association. Associate membership includes family members of Active members. Legal requirements for family members to qualify as an Associate member shall be posted in an Appendix to these Bylaws and shall be updated as necessary to reflect changes in the law.

  4. Affiliate.  Upon enlistment or appointment into any unit of the Guard and application to the Association, the Association shall issue an Affiliate membership. Affiliate members are accorded such benefits as approved by the Executive Council.

The National Guard Association of California
3336 Bradshaw Road, Ste 230
Sacramento, CA 95827

NGAC Telephone: 916.362.3411
NGAC FAX: 916.362.3707
AFBA/SSLI Administrator Telephone: 800.462.7441 or 540.248.0837
AFBA/SSLI FAX: 540.248.0837

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