NGAC was founded in 1966 with a goal (in part) to work with the state legislature to better equip and care for the stat’s military. Today, our mission remains the same. However, our role has expanded and evolved as the Guard has grown from a hometown militia to an operational reserve that serves as a homeland force and in overseas operations. NGAC works to transform our members' ideas into legislative action and provide Guard members a unified representation regarding the association’s legislative priorities

The National Guard Association of California
3336 Bradshaw Road, Ste 230
Sacramento, CA 95827

NGAC Telephone: 916.362.3411
NGAC FAX: 916.362.3707
AFBA/SSLI Administrator Telephone: 800.462.7441 or 540.248.0837
AFBA/SSLI FAX: 540.248.0837

Military Connection

Military Connection

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