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The Disability Insurance Plan -- Protection when you are unable to work due to a disability.

Who's Eligible: Only Army/Air Federal Technicians are eligible for this plan. If you are terminated from your job as a Technician by the National Guard due to medical reasons, or failing the National Guard physical exam, you may receive a lump sum payment equal to two monthly payments of the Basic Disability Plan even though you may not be disabled. You may receive a reduced disability benefit during your rehabilitation if you are able to work part-time through an approved rehabilitation program. Disability due to pregnancy is covered.

Coverage Amounts/Limits: There are two parts - Part I - The basic plan pays up to $1,100 in basic monthly benefits after 30 continuous days of disability (as defined in the Certificate of Insurance) and may continue for as long as 10 years (for an accident) or 3 years (for an illness). Part II is optional supplemental coverage and benefits begin after 60 days of continuous disability (if you are under 40) or after 90 days of continuous disability (if you are age 40 or over) and may continue as long as 10 years (for an accidental injury) and up to 3 years (for an illness). Subject to the terms of the policy. You may keep this coverage to age 60 as long as you remain a Technician and the premiums are paid on time. The Master Policy must be in effect.

Enrollment Fee/Discount: Rates are based on bi-weekly payroll deductions.  Download the Enrollment Forms to your right.

Administrator and State Availability: ReliaStar Life Insurance Company, Minneapolis, MN. Separate applications required for Oregon, South Carolina, Ohio and Texas.  New York residents, call 1-888-642-8748.

Tech Life Insurance Plan

Who's Eligible: Only Army/Air Federal Technicians and spouses are eligible for Tech Life. You and/or your spouse may apply. There are no war or aviation exclusions. Your family will receive benefits even if you die while flying or while involved in armed conflict. You or your spouse, but not both, may purchase dependent child coverage. Unmarried, dependent children from 6 months to 19 years (25 if full-time student) qualify for up to $10,000 coverage per child (up to $1,000 from 14 days to 6 months).

Coverage Amounts/Limits: The coverage is from $25,000 to $250,000. You are guaranteed acceptance up to $50,000 of insurance if you apply within your first 31 days of employment and are actively at work. Thereafter, your insurability must be approved by the insurance company. All spouse coverage must provide evidence of insurability. Keep your coverage up to age 70, even if you are no longer a Technician. A $5,000 benefit will be paid within 24 hours of notification of death of a member. (Not available in Texas). Coverage reduces by 50% when you reach age 65.

Enrollment Fee/Discount: Plan payments made through payroll deduction.  Download the Enrollment Forms to your right.

For More information call (800) 462-7441


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