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Seventy percent of active-component troops oppose an expansion of the war in Iraq to include ground troops in combat, according to a poll by Military Times. Released over the weekend, the poll is based on responses by 2,200 active-duty members to the question, "In your opinion, do you think the U.S. military should send a substantial number of combat troops to Iraq to support the Iraqi security forces?"

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Congressional and Pentagon leaders joined National Guardsmen in Chicago last month at the 136th General Conference & Exhibition. Over three days, speakers and world events made it clear that the National Guard is needed now more than ever. Read more in this month's issue of NATIONAL GUARD.

New technology was supposed to have replaced SINCGARS as the Army's main tactical radio. Instead, the system that traces its origins back to 1974 is still going strong. Find out why in the latest issue of the NGAUS membership publication.

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National Guard Association of California

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Golden Gate University (GGU) School of Law

Veterans Legal Advocacy Center

The National Guard Association of California (NGAC) has partnered with Golden Gate University (GGU) School of Law to sponsor a Veterans Legal Advocacy Center (VLAC) to support the legal needs of the veterans’ community and to train law students to be effective advocates for veterans. Golden Gate University received the prominent 2014 Military Friendly School designation which recognized contributions that champion the academic success of service members, veterans, and spouses. GGU Law is also one of the few law schools providing 100 percent scholarships for qualifying military personnel and veterans.

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