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  • Senate Bill Includes Different Fedrec Policy Fix

    NGAUS Washington Report June 19, 2018 If the Senate version of the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act becomes law, less would change regarding the drawn-out process for National Guard officer promotions than if Congress ultimately approves the House bill’s version. The Senate bill passed Monday does not require the Army and Air Force secretaries […]

  • 15,851 Military Deaths Since 2006: Congressional Report

    NGAUS Washington Report June 19, 2018 Nearly 16,000 service members have died while on active duty since 2006, but more than seven in 10 of them have been while outside combat zones, a report from the Congressional Research Service has found. The report, which used statistics from the Defense Manpower Data center, divides deaths into […]

  • Study: Contractors Key to Air Force Pilot Shortage

    NGAUS Washington Report June 19, 2018 The Air Force does not have a shortage of people who want to be pilots. It simply does not have the manpower to train them. That’s a conclusion in a report released Monday by the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies. The report is called “Protecting the ‘Pipeline’: Overcoming the […]

  • Magazine: RPAs, A Terrible Year & World Cup Madness

    June 2018 The potential of remotely piloted aircraft for military and nonmilitary missions is difficult to fathom. Possible tasks for the technology are too numerous for them all to be funded. Read about the significant roles RPAs could play in the future in the NATIONAL GUARD, the award-winning magazine from NGAUS. The country was on […]

  • 14 JUNE – The United States Army 243st Birthday

    “The Army Is Still Rolling Along…” The U.S. Army was chartered and established on June 14th 1775 by the Continental Congress. This same date is also Flag Day which commemorates the adoption of our flag, which occurred on 14 June 1777. These two great American institutions are celebrated on the same day. The US ARMY […]


    The association is now encouraging members to nominate candidates for office. The nomination period for the 2019-2020 term of office will be June 1, 2018 to July 30, 2018. Active or Life member who dues are current may nominate and or hold office. Please complete the Nomination for Office form, and mail or email the […]